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Movies impact our lives. Some films we watch impact us so greatly they actually have a psychological impact that we might not even be aware.

Today we're going to psychologically deconstruct the film: The Matrix. Joining me in the studio, David Williams, an expert at international law, contract law, as well as national and constitutional law, and he's a good friend.

The Matrix impacted many of us at a soul level. Most of us can connect with Neo, the main character, the hero, that has to leave his comfort zone and do the unheard of. Neo and the other characters in the film must fight for what they believe in even though they’re fighting against a system that is extremely powerful. They are fighting for new-found freedom. This freedom supersedes everything else and the characters must put aside comfort to do what’s right. I’ve seen The Matrix and it never gets boring, I seem to find new “Psychological Easter Eggs” every time.

The Matrix is the true hero's journey that shines light on why we should stay true to ourselves. It’s about being better than we were yesterday, not competing with others. When we get so stuck in self it gets overwhelming even depressing. A true value is derived from doing good and helping others.

David Williams deconstructs the film in a way that brings forward certain messages into reality, he actually discusses and shows how the title of the movie, The Matrix is real and operating within all governmental systems today. And even more mind-boggling when you now know about the mathematical programs that are literally operating inside the governmental computing systems that affect your life... Everyday.

David mentions ways to better understand the current situation and how to find true freedom with self-determination, just like the ending of the film.


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