Debunking The Fukushima Propaganda

The lies and propaganda that has been put out about Fukushima and the Nuclear "accident" which allegedly occurred March 11, 2011, has caused many individuals to believe they are in danger of radiation poisoning from the air and the water.  Most people have no clue how a nuclear power plant works. further, most have no clue about the types of radiation or the effects (non-effects), the different radiation particles can have.

David was trained by the Navy in their nuclear power program back in his 20's. He has worked at nuclear power plants and onboard nuclear submarines. Because of this training, he knows exactly how these plants operate, the protocols, and safety mechanisms in place.

The key points you will want to take away from this presentation:

(1) There was no radiation leak

(2) There was no meltdown

(3) Nuclear power is the safest form of power

(4) Fukushima is your classic Fear Propaganda campaign



Have you ever heard of Radiation Network? If not, you should pay the website a visit (a link is below in the reference section). Here are two images were taken today that show you the current radiation levels. The first image is Japan and the second is of the United States.

Ask yourself one question... If the Fukushima "disaster" was so bad, then how come the radiation levels in Japan are non-existent but the radiation levels around the United States are high enough to register on the Radiation watch list?  Enjoy the presentation below and be sure to check out all the references related to this presentation.


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