Reaching out to Liberland

by David Williams | Micronations

Audio Notes

Time: 12:42

This is an older conversation going back to 2016. However, it still has relevance today. To put this audio in perspective… David attended a “Startup Societies Summit”. While there, David was able to talk with a Liberland representative. Once back in Jacksonville, David and Brian discussed the event and Liberland specifically. It was decided to reach out to the President of Liberland in order to open communication and offer assistance to them in the area of international law and their naturalization process. Contact was made with the President initially by Brian on Facebook Messanger. After looking at the DoM’s website with his “advisor”, he had concerns about the validity of the documents published on the DoM’s official website. Emails were exchanged (Read the exchange here). This audio conversation follows shortly thereafter.

Koula discusses her experience in using Self-Determination in the Australian courts and her perspective on the United Nations and the international community.


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