David is an expert in national, international, and contract law. In 1999, he became disenfranchised (and disgusted) with the U.S. Legal, Monetary, and Taxation systems. His moral dilemma was exacerbated when the United States seized 300 million Dollars from 3,100 investors who had funds parked in the Cayman Island … supposedly “being” protected through “offshore entities”. Being one of the investors who lost over $800K, the asset seizure drove David to research and study all aspects of jurisdiction, procedure, law and the rules used to govern our Planet. This process involved intensive discipline in unlearning (false knowledge) and relearning (the truth).

Obviously, education is nothing without application Рso David started challenging the U.S. Judicial System by 
suing 12 attorneys, 5 bank/insurance companies, 2 Clerks, and 2 Federal Judges. He sued the IRS (twice), elevating the cause of Self Determination to a Class Action Tort Claim in the US Supreme Court with a network of 20 others (likewise “disenfranchised”). Conclusion; David stepped into a legal minefield where others were being demolished; and by using superior “global” knowledge, correct intentions, and right actions, he came out the other side VICTORIOUS.

Today David teaches/trains other entrepreneurs on how to live with more freedom and increased asset protections based on international rights and protocols. He has been interviewed numerous times over the past decade and a quick “Google” for “David Williams” & “self-determination” populates thousands of search results. One of his major claims is that (at no matter what level) he demystifies the “LAW” by turning every rule, every procedure, and every action back to the arena of CONTRACT.

In 2006, David became Ambassador-at-Large for a small society. Since becoming an Ambassador, he has been recognized for Human Rights work by other countries and by the United States. In 2012, international land claims were ceded to him and he accepted the role of Prime Minister for that society. Through no real design of his own, David has become the spokesperson for the international right of self-determination in the western hemisphere.

An ancient maxim claims that “knowledge will forever govern ignorance”. David’s Solution; “if you don’t like the government of the MATRIX you found yourself in by ACCIDENT OF BIRTH; then exit by becoming your own Governor.”